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In the Fall of 1935, FSA photographer Arthur Rothstein went up into the mountains of Virginia for what he calls his first assignment. He was to photograph a group of farmers who were to be Resettled to make way for Shenandoah National Park. Yet the family at the center of his project were not farmers nor were they Resettled. They were part of a scientific study known as Hollow Folk. In an exploration of the idea of documentary truth, Rothstein's First Assignment finds that many of Rothstein's subjects would end up institutionalized and forcibly sterilized at a place known as "The Colony."


"a fascinating and troubling film."

Jeff Rosenheim

Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Beekeepers

Beekeepers have been keeping bees for over 3000 years. Why are they dying now?

Song of the Cicadas

Rothstein's First Assignment

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